Riot, Stop Giving Every Champ The Same Ult

It was cool the first time with Nocturne, Mantheon and Twisted Fate having their own slightly-different long diving abilities. It was kinda cool when you added Tahm's tag-team out (even though hardly anyone uses it) and Ekko'e rewind (even though it's most fun to watch a soulless tank Elko mistake 4 seconds for 3.5 seconds on a teleport play) Then Ao Shin and his cross-map cruise control. And THEN you added Taliyah it was like "Okay, this is kinda getting old now, but whatever. I'm sure this is the last one with the same ultimate which also mostly mimics an existing summoner spell." Ha. Boy was I wrong. Now Re-Rework Ryze has his short-range groupie port. Please tell me this is the last time you re-hash the same ultimate, because all of your last 8 champs, 4 had minor tweaks of the same global travel spell and all but Illaoi has had SOME form of semi-global. Now we're adding Ryze to it. What's next? Is Yorick's ult gonna warp him to a dead ally? Its getting rather silly now...
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