Pyke and Sylas are emblematic of the problems with more recent champs/reworks

{{champion:84}} also falls into this category to a degree, although much less so since riot wisely removed her shroud's obscuring under turrets. But the problem with a handful of recent champions is that they just have SO MUCH packed into their kit, that while they are designed with certain weaknesses in mind, they have so much packed into their kit that once a High level player masters that champ they can use the many strengths of the kit to easily mitigate/work-around the supposed weakness. On to my 2 examples from the title. Sylas: The champ has one of the most overloaded kits I have seen in all of my time playing league. He is jam packed with utility (including the utility of every ult on the enemy team, which that alone is absolutely insane), and his QWE/passive is damn near a whole kits worth of power on its own for a simpler fighter champion, He has a shield and a missing hp heal for sustain, 2 forms of mobility one free one conditional, as well as an aoe knockup! So what is {{champion:517}} weakness? The argument is because he is melee the counter is a beefier melee champ that goes toe to toe and wins, or a poke champ that can abuse him being melee. But in practice, for the poke champ Sylas kit is practically designed for diving on and going all in on squishier champs sustaining thru thier damage w/ shield and missing hp heal and killing them potentially with their own ult. And for the beefy melee sylas sustains through or dodges their damage and with his chain lash pokes them. So in effect he really doesn't have clear weaknesses. {{champion:555}} : This champ believe it or not has nearly as much utility in his kit as sylas, probably not quite because of the variety of ults sylas can steal, but Pyke is certainly close. Pyke is a better example than Sylas because Pykes weakness is actually highlighted by his kit's passive where as sylas's weakness is just some vague "he's a melee mage idk." Pykes weakness is the Yi weakness, CC lockdown and burst, and it is a very clear weakness as I'm sure you have seen in your soloQ games with unskilled or inexperienced pyke players. The problem is, nearly all of the rest of his kit is built around countering that weakness, with his Q being the least suited to countering it tho it does still help him. His healing passive basically means anything but a successful all in (Killing pyke) is pretty pointless except for MAYBE forcing him out of lane to gain priority, his long cooldowns arent much of a weakness because of the abundance of CDR in his build, and His E>W is one of the better counters to an all in. But where this champ really gets disgusting is in the chaos of teamfights, His Q is relatively easy to hit in a 5v5 scenario with its forgiving hitbox to start off the fight, and his E, W, and R all have repositioning components, and while you are focusing visible carries Pyke, the AOE teamfight resetting assassin support is setting up a stun on multiple team members, and Because of his insanely overloaded Ult (seriously tho, sylas ult and pyke ult are really in competition for most disgusting ults in the game), He has way more damage potential than you would expect, his ult is AOE, and in a teamfight aoe skills are FAR EASIER to hit expecially with such a miniscule delay on it. Seriously though, whoever thought that An AOE execute threshold (True dmg) and physical to those above threshold, that ignores shields, resets on kill or if they die on top of the animation, and gives pyke a brief invulnerability frame was fair and reasonable was smoking some extra potent PCP that evening.
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