Since you all are up in arms over ADCs, here's how to fix it:

* Remove Crit Yes this is rather radical, but it needs to be done. ADCs can never be truly balanced when you have RNG double damage. It just doesn't make sense. Once we remove crit we can then balance ADCs around their kits instead of around their builds. * Make ADC itemization niched Right now on ADCs you just build the maximum amount of damage posssible, without differing your build too much. Other than Executioners, you basically are going to be going the same build every single game. There needs to be a clear distinction between what different items are for. Because right now it's basically Crit and attack speed + waveclear{{item:3087}} {{item:3085}} /poke{{item:3094}} /kiting{{item:3046}} . * Increase tower range, damage, and HP In dota you don't need ranged carries because in lane you won't be able to be poked easily if you just play safe under tower. Right now the botlane meta is one of the ADCs getting 3 kills, pushing in the wave, and poking the enemy ADC down until the jungler can come over and dive. Which is not risky because tower do no damage. Then once they've killed the laners, they can take out the towers in one push. * Give ~~ADCs~~ everyone actual mana costs Right now ADCs can basically spam for free. Even if it's not for free then you rush essence reaver and now it's REALLY for free. Going back to Dota, you can cast maybe 3 spells before you run out of mana. So you need to manage your poke and think carefully about when to use it. EDIT: Now that i think about it, nobody in this game really has major mana issues other than maybe {{champion:516}}. It think it would be healthy to increase mana costs across the board to stop poke saturation and snowballing lanes. I will probably add more points later but for now this is what we need to do to truly fix the problem.
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