Gameplay+, the newest way to discuss the game on the Boards

> **[8/21/18 - 2:13PM PDT]** Gameplay+ is live! Check out the announcement [here]( Over the past few months, the NA Boards volunteers have made allusions to a project that we've addressed simply as a Gameplay sub-board focusing on more in-depth and meaningful posts and discussions for all things related to League of Legends gameplay. We've been carefully tweaking the rules and guidelines and have been developing the technical features for this area; and I'm happy to announce that we're at a point where we feel we can move forward with this project in the very near future. Before we launch, we'd love to gather your thoughts on everything from the name (Gameplay+) to the guidelines. _____ > # Gameplay+, the newest way to discuss the game on the Boards Some of you have probably noticed some success that we’ve had on heavily moderated threads in the past year or so. These threads have provided an interesting window to how the community responds to more discussion-focused threads with increased moderator presence. That response has been extremely positive, and we’d like to take the next step to continue this success by making an entirely new sub-board for these curated discussions. So let’s talk about Gameplay+. The goal of this new board is to give the community a place to dig deep into topics like gameplay, balance, and design, and that requires posts and comments that show a genuine attempt at meaningful, respectful, and informed discussion. As part of this process topics posted on Gateplay+ will be subject to a Moderator approval process before they are visible to the community. This will help ensure that every conversation on Gameplay+ starts out with a genuine attempt at sparking a good, strong discussion. Comments will not need to go through this approval process, but will be subject to moderation with these same guidelines in mind. 1. Posts must have a clear and specific title that provides an introduction to the topic of the thread. Titles that are insufficiently clear may be altered by moderation prior to post approval if the post is otherwise satisfactory. 2. Posts must provide a thoughtful analysis or other meaningful starting point for discussion. Data should be cited where possible, and hyperbole is not appropriate. Do not let your passion about some aspect of the game cloud your ability to present your views, and do not let your views get in the way of having a respectful discussion. 3. Posts must offer a direction for conversation that is not shared with other recent or active posts. If you wish to partake in a discussion already ongoing, do so in the thread for that discussion. 4. Posts must genuinely invite discussion, even if others take another viewpoint or support another side of an argument. We want threads and comments on Gamplay+ to be consistently high-quality and full of good discussion and polite interactions. To help facilitate this goal, we will be especially strict in moderation of comments that do not adhere to the [Universal Rules](, so please be respectful to others on this sub-board, even if you may disagree with their analysis or their viewpoint! Our dream is to have a sub-board where every thread and every comment is composed of thoughtful discussion and informed responses, and we think this strategy will get us closer to that goal than other strategies that have been used in the past. We hope that you are as excited about this as we are! Thanks for embarking on this experiment with us, --The Volunteer team
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