Revert Ryze and change W to slow that increases to root with application

Ryze is a combo mage, but shouldn't get a powerful point and click root instantly. My suggestion is to revert Ryze to his true combo mage state (S5 Ryze) but change W to the following: 1st W is a 25% slow, 2nd W is a 50% slow, 3rd W is 1sec root, 4th+ W is 1.5sec root The old combo was: W Q E Q W Q R W Q E W So then it would be W 25% slow -> Q -> E -> Q -> W 50% slow -> R -> W 1sec root -> Q -> E -> W 1.5 sec Root With the first two W's being a slow it gives opponent opportunity to either commit or escape/avoid the combo. Thoughts?
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