Why can't you guys balance the game to how it is supposed to be.

Supports should support- Meaning if you pick brand,zyra,vel or any of those "supports" hey should do reduced damage. Because 1 shotting he botlane isn't "support" that's midlane. Tanks should be tanky- Meaning hey take a lot of damage but do very little damage. Adc- should be able to be useful when fed.Not just lucian or jhin, every adc should be useful. A tank should't kill them, nor a support. Midlane- You have assassins or mages which work fine, except they work fine everywhere. Top,MId,Bot they outlcass almost every class. Bruisers/ juggernauts - Just the dumbest role ever made. Lets make champs that do damage and are tanky. Most of them have mobility as well. there should be variety but all the real supports are gone, why use them when they don't do too much damage?They heal,or have utility meanwhile brand 1 shots and adc at 3. Jax wins he game with triforce. Assassins 1 shot you then leave in 1 second. And jungle is not even going to exist anymore since you made to where early game jgs are just going to dominate. You don't punish lane camping, instead you punished every other jg that needs to farm because you idiots don't use some brain cells.
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