So Riot doesn't endorse Duo Boosting ?????? WHY DOES IT EVEN EXIST THEN?

WHY CANT RANKED BE SOLO ONLY WHY DOES FLEX Q EXIST? YOU COULD STILL DUO IN FLEX YOU. WHY DO WE HAVE 2 QUEUES FOR DUO RANKED? I mean my post has been removed because I jokingly offered to duo boost $ for money mainly because I wanted to see Riot reaction Suddendly a post is removed? Because "Selling out isnt endorsed" MORE LIKE BECAUSE duo boosting is something unwanted yet tolerated, and this was seen by a community reaction on a thread, everyone though I would be banned there are people who legitimetly think duo boosting is ilegal perhaps there would be even more people against this shit if they KNEW IT WAS LEGAL, DUO BOOSTING IS LEGAL, I DO NOTHING WRONG BY OFFERING TO DUO BOOST VIA SMURFS THAT IS FKING SAD not as sad as those people who pay FOR A FKING GAME RANK but still sad **I AM FKING TIRED OF SHIT MATCHMAKING CAUSED BY PEOPLE ABUSING DUO SMURFING** YOU WANT A POSITIVE RANKED QUEUE CHANGE? THEN GUESS WHAT DONT INTRODUCE SYSTEMS WHICH ARE OBVIOUS FAILURES IN ADVANCE SUCH AS - FKING DYNAMIC Q - FKING WHATEVER POSITIONAL THING NA HAS ATM (SPECIALLY NOT WITH DUOQ COMBINATION) **PURE SOLOQ IS OBVIOUS SUCCESS WHY CANT WE HAVE IT=?** OBVIOUS POSITIVE CHANGE, ITS MIND BOGGLING WHY WE CANT HAVE THAT Community doesnt want DUO BOOSTING TO EXIST. SO WHY CANT WE HAVE SOLOQ
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