Making talon's E stackable? (Twice)

Many of you might not see the silence removal as much but us talon mains can feel the difference. It needs SOME kind of buff. This is personally my idea to make his E stackable considering he is like the only mid assassin with a single gapcloser. All the rest have at least two. Akali has 3 huge stackable dashes enough said. Fizz has his dash and the hop thingy, (don't play fizz much lol) Kass has his ulti after ultis. Kat has reseting e's. Yas can e multiple things with no cd. Zed has his shadow and his ult. While talon only has his e, no reset, no second gap closer ability, no low cooldown, and no stacks either. So my idea was to make his (E) stackable upto twice. :) That way he can get back into the game after his nerf and have a second gap closer like all the other mid assassins. Anyways this is my idea let me know what you guys think!

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