I realised pyke is just a better blitzcrank today...

{{champion:555}} Passive: a heal that can restore a massive amount of HP when unseen as well as changing bonus HP you get into AD Q: a pull right to you with good damage or an optional melee aoe slow with extra damage W: Movement speed and stealth E: a dash and an AOE stun R: You die button with a reset mechanic {{champion:53}} Passive: bigger shields based on maximum mana .... Q: a simple pull decent damage W: Movement speed with a punihsing effect (slow) and attack speed( this part doesnt feel needed since he just needs to combo) E: single target knock up R: AOE silence that sometimes damages area -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- After looking at their kits theyre both designed to get you kills ... they both punish mis positioning however pyke has better tools (most clearly with the W).... why would i play blitzcrank over pyke?
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