Kindred tips?

I know it'll sound like I'm complaining because I kinda am but... I am really struggling with Kindred. I know they have a good early, but they're also super squish, so invading for marks isn't really an option that early without help (not to mention the q over walls is so short range that it can make it nearly impossible to get out in time if the enemy jungle appears). Ganking lanes early is something I can do really well on Kindred, and it can get me fed. However, when your team refuses to let their laner push whatsoever or do a hard engage to push them off right before I get there, it makes it a bit difficult to get that snowball Kindred can be capable of. These statements are, of course, all in my opinion. But more to the point - any tips on playing Kindred/getting around some of these obstacles?
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