Dear Riot take off some cdr from items.

It's so annoying that there is so much of it especially in the enchanters items why do i have to run transcendence every game because it since if I don't I just over cap wasting gold. Like why not take off some and put like ms or hp instead. Like here is a build to show the problem. Redemption,Ardent Censer,Athene's,Frost Queen's,boots Pretty normal build and it gives you 40% cdr but what do you get after? Spellbinder? Like all the utility items give cdr so you're forced to waste gold as a support and that doesn't feel good in my opinion. Like when I play support and even some tanks I feel forced to take transcendence its a good rune but it should not be something that is mandatory it should be o I'll go into cdr to work with my transcendence not I'll take transcendence so I don't feel like I'm wasting gold. In my opinion a lot of the core support items should keep cdr but items like twin shadows should lose it in favor of other stats. It would also be cool since there would be more of a reason to take runes that give cdr. Also this is just for supports. Like a lot of bruiser items give it too to the point where I would it is a big problem since they get so much cdr then just go into hp items. Like why replace some of the cdr with mana or mana regenerate or just something else. In my opinion the only two classes where it's not a problem is adc and assassins. Needing cdr should be a weakness and yes some champions need it but there is just way to many items.
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