Hey summoners! Would you like some asymetric custom games? (More options to custom games!)

Hi everyone, thank you for clicking and I would really appreciate if you shared your thoughts with me on that subject and please drop a vote, positive or negative! :) So, I just thought of something while watching one of the 1V5 or 3v5 custom LoL games some Youtubers like to do to show off their skills. _If you don't know what I'm talking about, [here's one](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=55KIKt_VgcE)._ **What if we could make custom games with the option to add some buffs/handicaps to one team or the other?** _For example, one team could have:_ - Buffed up towers (mainly HP/defense, maybe damage against minions and attack speed) - Buffed up minions (tankier, stronger, more numerous, so that they would passively win against a non buffed minion wave) - Enable URF cannon - Fast recall - Lower death timers - Higher max champion level ** All of those could be independently toggled on/off in the "create custom game" screen.** The idea is that if you could fine tune the buff of one team, then: - a team of experienced players could play "even" against new players that are learning the game while still having some challenge - one could play against bots longer if they want to train and see how the endgame looks like without having to purposely feed them - it could be a challenge for youtubers to win a 1V5 where they got all the buffs, but they are alone against a whole team that does not have to troll for the youtuber to have a chance _I purposely avoided any buff concerning champion HP/Damage/Speed/Cooldown etc. because each of those is countered by an item/champion and I wanted to put the accent of game mechanics that already exist. That being said maybe it could be ineteresting to be able to enable some urf mode rules (reduced cooldown, no mana cost, reduced healing, more passive gold generation...) or even create some more (reduced summoner spells CD, no attack speed limit...) so that players can experiment with their custom games. :) Whow knows, maybe we could even disable auto-attacks against champions so Dodgeball can really be a thing, or disable champion damage on towers so the game becomes fully about managing the waves... That could encourage the player base to get even more creative with the game without distrubing ranked games!_ Thanks a lot for reading! I would be very happy to discuss the subject with you! :)

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