The Problem With Hook Supports

Hooks are extremely strong CC tools and arguably the most useful tool for a support. They create an enormous amount of lane pressure even when not used and when landed often mean a kill or at least a large chunk of someone's health gone. Either that or they force a flash or some sort of mobility. If you're in the same boat as a lot of supports and ADCs (which usually go bottom vs said hook champions) where you don't have a mobility skill, then good luck. You're probably not going to be able to be aggressive in lane. Now you'd think that with a tool like this in their kits, it'd be enough to win trades. The thing is, EVERY hook support has a secondary hard CC ability that they can land guaranteed for landing that hook, and in this meta, that basically means death. Especially with Pyke where that combo also does a lot of damage or when they have ignite. Pyke's Q applies a heavy slow and his E is thick, so his stun is easy to land. Thresh can Q to you and flay you instantly. Blitzcrank can use his E to knock you up right after you get pulled. Naut has his passive. They all have CC they can use right after they get you out of position which is why NOONE likes playing vs them. I get that the point of these champions is CC but like you should have a chance to get away or dodge the incoming CC after they hook you so you don't just lose. I just don't think it's healthy that for landing a skillshot that already is super rewarding they get the reward of a near 100% guaranteed additional hard CC on you. That's just my opinion.
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