Could Teemo get a Tracking mechanic?

It seems like it would fit his character, and he has a lot of room in his kit (for changes rather than additions) since most of what he has are just passive abilities and simple buffs. Plus, it would give him a new, unique form of Utility that could possibly make him a viable pick in certain match-ups (depending on how Tracking works) instead of just a meme that's only semi-viable because of its blind and annoying gameplay. Things to consider: - Tracking could be an active, passive or toggle with different types of range. - Tracks could last much longer than Tremors (Rek Sai) which makes it less reliable but allows for more power. - Teemo's team could get a little bonus Movement Speed when following tracks, or something else if tracks aren't powerful enough on their own. - Tracks could become worn (or only then visible) the more enemies or the more often enemies walk over them, giving them bonus effects like maybe vision or so. - Tracks could only work in brush, highlighting brush as disturbed if an enemy passed through it recently. - There's room for Tracking on Teemo's ... - Passive: fits thematically - W: only gives him bonus Movement Speed; fits thematically; e.g. Teemo passively gets Movement Speed when following tracks and gets a burst of Movement Speed when he activates it - E: is just a passive that can be shifted elsewhere (passive: gain DoT on hit for a while when in brush or invis, Q and R as a passive or maybe as a Poison Dart ammo mechanic) and then you'd have room for a whole new ability - R: tracks could show popular walk paths of enemies so Teemo knows how to best set up his shrooms (to the side if he wants vision, or on crossroads if he wants to set something up). --- Here's a concrete concept to give everyone an idea about how it could be implemented. The numbers are all guesses. Please tell me what you think of the concept or if any numbers are really off. >##W - Move Quick: **Passive**: Enemy champions disrupt brush they walk through for 12 seconds. Teemo spots and after a short delay marks nearby disrupted brush for allied champions for a few seconds. **Active**: Teemo gains bonus Movement Speed for 4 seconds. If there is an enemy champion or disrupted brush nearby, the Movement Speed is increased and decays to the original value over the duration. - Marker: Disrupted brush around Teemo would glitter slightly. After a short delay (around 0.25 to 0.5 seconds, maybe based on distance), Teemo reveals how long ago the brush was disrupted with an exclamation mark. Red = up to 2 seconds ago, Orange = 2 -- 7, Yellow = 7 -- 12. After 2 seconds the marker disappears and the brush goes on cooldown (in part to avoid visual clutter). Animation could maybe be a question mark turning into an exclamation mark. Again, would have to avoid visual clutter especially in combat. Marking delay does not count towards recent disruption time. - Brush Cooldown: 50/40/30/20/10 seconds (reduced by CDR) - Rating and double Movement Speed Range: 650 (a bit higher than the 600 Ward placement range) - Spotting Range: Sight Range (1200, but can be obstructed by terrain) - Movement Speed: 14/18/22/26/30% - Increased Movement Speed: 21/27/33/39/45% (+1% per 20 Ability Power) (would be shown as one green number) - Cooldown: 12 seconds - Cost: 25/30/35/40/45 Mana - Rengar: The exclamation mark would have to look different (thicker, more comically maybe) than Rengar's. > ##General: - Movement Speed: 330 --> 335 This, alongside the Cooldown reduction and duration increase on Move Quick, is to make up for the loss of his passive Movement Speed if he hasn't been damaged.
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