Unpopular opinion: don't buff tanks

Nerf damage. My concern is that this never-ending arms race is spiraling League of Legends into a tremendous power creep that is actively killing gameplay fairness and health. Tanks being strong won't stop a MF with duskblade and stormrazor from one shotting a squishy, but it will only make her **unviable.** This won't change the fact that that level of broken ass damage is a thing in the game, and it will be bound to resurface in time as meta shifts. Moreover, if the reason behind meta shifting will be further damage buffs to compete with buffed survivability, the problem of MF dealing idiotic amount of damage will only be exacerbated. In the end, a short and harsh message to the riot balance team: you're blind. You have no direction nor design principles anymore. What you have done in the past two (three) years is just iteratively fixing any issue that arises + big changes for the sake of change. This is pointless and not sustainable.
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