Tanks look like they will make a brutal comeback... Time to look into their damage output

Based on the PBE changes for Pre-Season 10 and some gameplay footage for it, it seems like that tanks are going to do a sudden and rough comeback into the meta (maybe it won't happen, chances are that it will though) which, honestly, is an awesome thing. The problem though, is that Riot tried repeatedly to reinsert some tanks into the meta at moments all along the season by buffing (surprise) their damage, which didn't have the wanted result at all, but those changes are mostly intact to this day either way. Now that tanks are coming back, please consider reducing their damage output, since it got increased for no reason and they don't need it. We don't want another early Season 5 meta where tanks were better at everything against everyone. Tanks are gonna able to tank and have a laning phase again, great, but they don't need the same damage output of other squishier melee champions: this is not their job, they don't need it, they shouldn't have it. Bruisers didn't have any. single. chance., when laning against tanks in early Season 8, AKA pre-conqueror. The reason was simple: bruisers did less damage, had worst items, didn't scale as much, didn't tank as much and didn't have any way to compete in laning phase. All changed (way too much in fact) with the addition of conqueror, the first and only keystone that was aimed at bruisers to give them an edge against tanks. It worked too well, and now conqueror is getting tuned into being more of a skirmisher keystone rather than a bruiser one. It's a blessing and a curse at the same time, but I can see the reasoning behind it and we should wait and see the actual impact of this change. Tanks, on the other hand, should really get some special attention at the start of the pre-season; they won't have as much opposition against them anymore, but they bring with them several buffs that ended up powercreeping them, and those accumulated buffs could potentially be dangerous to keep for some champions.
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