Yasuo Ult is *slightly* Overtuned

So I’m not going to complain about every part of Yasuo’s kit, it’s been done before and it’ll be done again. He is a poorly designed champion and that’s all I have to say about that. My biggest problem with him at the minute is his ultimate, specifically the fact that it essentially has multiple passives of its own, let alone he already has two ACTUAL passives, and that his ultimate passives are just too much for no reason. The most obvious kick in the face to anyone trying to play against a Yasuo who ults you is the immediate refresh of his shield, now his shield in itself is topic for debate on whether he should even have it in the first place, but refreshing a (base) 510 damage shield (at lvl 18) simply for pressing R is not fair, he gets a free no cost no risk barrier that is better than actual barrier (the summoner spell) that basically rewards anyone for pressing a button, you can’t bait the shield refresh on his ult and it automatically blocks damage, so in order to get him to ware it YOU have to waste a spell, unlike barrier the summoner spell that has to be activated and can be baited by holding a spell until it runs out, this is one of two things with his ult that I think make it too easy for Yasuo players to ult onto a target with them having little to no counterplay to stay alive. The other problem, and quite possibly the biggest annoyance I’ve ever read on the details of a champions ability, is that Yasuo’s ultimate places him BEHIND the target that he ults, the same as Zed’s Death Mark, HOWEVER if he is on the edge of an enemy tower radius, his ultimate will attempt to place him outside of the tower range, meaning Yasuo players essentially get to dive for free without even knowing the tower range or having to take it into account, and even if the game doesn’t save them from the tower they get the instantly refreshed shield. If when Zed ulted you he appeared outside of tower radius with a 500 hp shield, people would be screaming that he’s completely broken, it’s absurd. I’d be fine with it if every champion with a similar ultimate had the same tower interaction. But it’s ONLY Yasuo who has this, both parts of his ult are completely unnecessary and overtuned and make playing into him unfun and unfair, there’s no way for you to outplay the game from keeping the Yasuo safe from tower damage. I’m seeing him more than usual at the minute, due to the very recent crit item changes no doubt which just made him stronger, and since riot is apparently planning to nerf him to compensate, I think this would be a good place to start. Having a ‘high skill floor/cieling’ champion with elements his ultimate that require no skill and are entirely automatic while providing an advantage to the player just makes him unskilled, sure you have to not die while you stack up Q twice, but then anyone can do that. (You don’t even have to do that since a bunch of interactions that don’t display your chcaracted as ‘airborne’ can still be targeted with Yasuo’s ultimate, such as being knocked BACK, not UP, by the dragon’s shockwave) I mean, for perspective, imagine if every ultimate in the game had completely unnecessary safety nets like Yasuo’s. Imagine if Lux went invulnerable while casting her ultimate. Imagine if Zoe was untargetable while blinking. Imagine if Talon couldn’t be targeted by towers while in his ult invisibility. It’s just unfortunate, lazy champion design that makes Yasuo popular since he feels good to play, while being a massive pain for everyone having to deal with him. Sorry for such a long post, it’s 1am and I’ve been trying to word this properly for a while, thanks for reading all the way through if you did, please let me know your thoughts and if you think anything I’ve said is unjust of if you have a suggestion on how to change him for the better in another way. (Please don’t be an angry Yasuo one trick who calls me r%%%%%ed for being unable to counter the champion or something, it’s unnecessary and not constructive.) As an additional note, I’m not calling for Yasuo to be removed, I’m not crying that he’s got no counterplay whatsoever or anything like that, I just think these specific details on his ultimate are over the top and really don’t need to be in the game.

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