Can we talk about normals matchmaking?

Just because it's a "normal" game and not ranked doesn't mean matchmaking should be thrown out the window. As an average gold player at best, I shouldn't be tossed against a diamond 3 mid. While the gap isn't always that big between two players in their respective lanes, it makes for a very exhausting and stressful time, as the lane quickly becomes unmanageable. I know that a ranked guy might just be fucking around on his off role on an off champ. But even a diamond in an off role on a off champ will smash a silver/gold simply by using their better game knowledge, like macro, wave management, trading, backing at the right time , etc. League is enough snowbally and unforgiving as it is with damage being through the roof. Can we at least have somewhat balanced games so they're not so volatile? Updated : Just went against up against a grandmaster Twitch. What the actual fuck Riot
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