Yi needs immidiate buffs

Hey, New rageblade is so bad on yi, it gives percentage armor pen while you already do 40% of your dmg as true damage. on 60% it is still useless because nobody builds armor and mr other than boots and the % is so low, ravenous hunter healing is like nothing, less 1% is about less 30 heal per attack, it is even more later the game goes. runes are changed, master yi scales with attack speed x10 better than AD, more as = more passive = more auto attack while E is active and also his attack speed cant be reduced on R, his Q comes up faster and ... while in new runes i cant pick up two attack speed and get 18% attack speed, jungle XP is also nerfed, this is when irelia and jax and other bruisers hit like a truck. at least fix runes, why there is 2 AD but not 2 AS ? i mean season6 i pick 40% raw AS on master yi since start of game with old rune system, now im starting with 9%, that is sad but true. how im supposed to clear jungle fast with 9% attack speed ?
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