Kai Sa is the final Product of the worst ADC in the game 2.0

Riot deleted my thread again. Apparently Riot thinks my thread was not helpful so let me put a little more meat on this true subject. The main point of this thread is to tell riot to make her healthy and to also stop making champions like yuumi and pyke. Seriosuly every new champion since zoe has been worse and worse for the game. She can build anything she wants and still reach 400 ap and 300 ad and it makes me wonder how to even counter that. I simply cant thats the short and simple one. thats only the first problem and ill get more into it later through the analysis. So kai sa, a champion who can evolve her abilities to make even better in late game. Now lets see how much attack speed this trash design needs for an evolved E. So apparently it starts at 100% and descales later in the game to 70% at level 18. Now lets see what items this trash can of a design needs for that buff. {{item:3115}} {{item:3094}} and lets be honest she will get {{item:3006}} if she doesnt go {{item:3115}} then she will be going the bonus 10% rune and the 18% if she wants to have it even earlier against bad match ups. Im done trying to explain her kit and item synergy to people who dont understand from a big picture perspective. SHE CAN BUILD WHATEVER AD OR AP DMG ITEM AND CARRY NO MATTER WHAT. Her abilities are too good at dmging or escaping. RIOT BUFFED HER ULT TO GIVE A FREE SHILED THAT SCALED OFF AP. Yeah nice going Rito. She has close to zero counter play because she is too slippery in teamfights and has way too much mobility and a passive thats just as good as vaynes because it doesnt disappear after new targets. Lets be fair here kai sa mains. Your champion is meant for people who suck at the game. She has the smallest amount of weaknesses in the game. Thank you and shout out to everyone who upvoted this thread in the first one.
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