I don't think Azir's weaknesses are punishable enough

I recently asked what Azir's weaknesses are and the only answers I've been given is that he's immobile, he can't move his soldiers when Q is down, and that he has to go in the middle of the enemy team to Shurima Shuffle + Ult. I understand Azir is immobile, but how the hell do you get in range to 100-0 burst him since he zones you (behind his team might I add) from around 800 units (Q range) to 1000~ units. This would be fine if he didn't half health carries with Q > AA > AA (thunderlord's). Not only that, but he has one of the strongest early games and mid-late games, like where the hell is the trade off? Why doesn't he have a weak early to be able to have this power later? Another point I'd like to add, is that his Q is on a 6 second cooldown no CDR, and at 40% CDR it's 3.6 seconds. How am I supposed to punish him for using bad soldiers in that time frame? Not only that, but a smart Azir won't use both soldiers to poke you if they know you can punish them, he'll save one and when you get close he'll put it right on top of you to make an even trade. Azir's shurima shuffle + Ult is the only thing I understand that could be considered fair, because it relies on the enemy team to have poor positioning and to be grouped to use it efficiently, and if he only gets one pick he'll probably die to the rest of the team in the process. The problem is I don't see many Azir's die just getting 1 pick after shurima shuffle. Usually because of Zhonya's Hourglass and because of how well he can zone off the enemy team in the process of picking 1 guy. I really think Riot needs to look at this guy's kit again and fix some of the problems and identity issues (early game bully or late game hypercarry) that he has. Post will probably go unnoticed/downvoted anyways, oh well.
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