Draft Pick feels like shit.

I'm so tired of waiting 3 minutes for a game, then waiting 5 in draft only for the autofilled Support to dodge, then waiting 3 minutes again, and then someone doesn't lock in and then waiting 3 minutes for the next autofilled Support to dodge. I always spend 20 minutes looking for a draft pick game, then give up and go to blind pick where people ignore called roles and I have a shitty gaming experience. The solution? Well, there are two. If 10 bans gets implemented soon, draft pick will be unbearable. Either... A. Get rid of autofill. Yeah, we get games faster, but half of them get dodged. I'd rather sit in queue for 8 minutes and be able to go do something else, than spend those same 8 minutes in 2 different drafts where I have to pay attention in case someone dodges from autofill and I get punished for missing the next queue. B. Auto-lock in instead of dodge It's been complained about since new draft was implemented, and I don't see a good reason for it. If someone is hovering a champ in draft pick and doesn't lock in, why do they auto-dodge instead of auto-lock in? Would reduce accidental dodges and help cut time it takes to get into a game.
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