Yes, I'm aware this is technically a bug report, but take it as a PSA. People actually need to see this and Riot needs to own it. If you're doing an end of season grind, odds are you're seeing a ton of remakes. There is currently a bug that gets you stuck on the loading screen at 100%. In mid plat, at least, this is happening in about one third of games. I have not personally experienced this yet, but two of my duo partners have in my games. These matches are asinine wastes of time and they're costing people LP in the last week of the season. If you're exceptionally unlucky, you'll have a teammate reconnect and buy items, just to be totally unable to continue playing in the long run. So enjoy the loss, I guess. This isn't being addressed and that's totally unacceptable. This bug is game breaking in every sense and comes at the absolute worst time. Do yourself a favour and stay out of queue until this finished. In the past, the season might be extended for a problem like this, but I suspect we're far beyond that now, which is a shame. At the very least, you know why you're getting so many remakes now.
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