Landed her in ARAM, and I went like 0/11. (I think this was quite solidly the worst performance I've ever done in an ARAM by a vastly wide margin, bar none) Granted, all we had were squishy, close range champs against a team with healers, global ults, lots of mobility and long range poke. They just kited and melted anyone who got anywhere close. Illaoi is slow, and that pull of hers which has a 14sec cooldown didn't really do anything. Sure, the effect is nice, but I didn't have anyone on my team that could follow up with that sort of engage. If I used her W (I think it was her W), to attack and jump into their face, they all just hopped away. I tried to flash ult them, but I still didn't hit anybody. The tentacles did nothing because they could just poke them from range, and their Yasuo would just run in and clean up. I feel like ARAM matches can be hugely one sided. Sure, we had a sona, but it didn't do any good, because nobody had any ability to engage a ranged bursty mobile enemy team comp. On the other hand, I feel like Illaoi's gimmick is to just run around, spawn tentacles in areas you think the enemy would walk across, hits them once every ten seconds? I didn't have much chance to read her abilities, to be honest. So, I wanted to really gripe about that ARAM game because it left me very frustrated. However, I'm mostly concerned about Illaoi strategy, tips, how her abilities synchronize, various ways to combo her moves, and how to pop that ultimate off well. Obviously if you can get the enemy team in a cramped, close range team fight, but usually people I've played against are far smarter than that, I can only ever hit one person with her ult, making it...utterly worthless. It just spawns invincible tentacles for 8 seconds, one for every champ hit, doesn't do much damage and...that' Is her job to peel? Do damage? I'm...a little confused what her role is supposed to be. It feels like she's just a champ with a unique kit that's simply...there as a Garen counter.
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