I understand Prestige Kai'sa should be difficult to get but I think this might be excessive

To start off, it's important to understand that I'm a college student. This is important so you understand that I have a good deal of free time but I also have much better things I should be doing with that time. Anyway, in this limited time, I like to play a good bit of League. I decided to buy the world pass because I like Kai'sa and I like the skin. The problem is that the world's pass is both trying to hype up worlds AND get you grinding games. I think another post showed you need to average like 4 games a day and do all the missions to be able to get the skin. At a rate of 40 minutes a game that's almost 3 hours a day just playing League. And I'm in an elo that knows how to end games lower elos it can go up to 4 hours. And to top that off, I'm really enjoying the creativity and hype coming from this year's worlds. This is actually a really good season for competitive play and I want to get into it. The problem is because of my schedule, I can't do both. I can barely grind out the games. So, because I really want the skin, I'm just going to have to skip most of worlds, which is the opposite of what Riot wants for viewership. I think a bunch of other people will do the same and honestly I feel like that completely defeats the purpose of the worlds pass. I really wanna get excited over worlds but I and other people with real world responsibilities will end up having to choose between the two instead of enjoying them both and that sucks. EDIT: for clarification, I don't want the grind to be easier for the sake of it being easier. I want it to be easier so that me and anyone else who was real responsibilities doesn't have to choose between watching worlds or playing games.

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