Can We please do something about this bull****?

How can Riot go 5 years, and make over a billion dollars, and _still_ not give us any recourse against this cancer? It happens to everyone, and every troll knows there's nothing you can do about it. You either dodge, or hope they are bluffing. If youre in a series, better hope someone else is feeling generous enough to dodge for you. When this happens(about every 3 to 4 games) I dont get mad at the lowlife, I get mad at Riot for making me a prisoner to these people. You cant report people in champ select, you cant kick them, you cant mute them. The only option is to take a screenshot and send it to Riot, and hope they feel like doing something about it. Even if they do, you will never even know. Of course, zero people from Riot will respond to this. Responding to complaints about well known issues means acknowledging them, and that means you actually have to do something about it, or risk even worse PR.
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