Tank Junglers.....A Thing of the Past?

I want to go on the record saying I love doing Tank Jungles and because of this (since I've been playing tank jungles since season 3) has caused me a lot of pain in ranked. Why you might ask. Well in the current area I am placed everyone is so eager for kills, trying to solo carry and giving up the moment something goes wrong it makes it almost impossible to climb. Not saying I'm a world class jungler. I make my mistakes and I learn but in the end it feels like tank junglers are starting to become a thing of the past. Replaced by the aggressive early gank and gank constantly type junglers. Are the tank junglers becoming a thing of the past? I would like to not think so but the evidence is all there. From building/reworking champs to be more efficient tank killers to the players not knowing how to be chill and hold lanes until the jungler can do something because a lane is out of control. Instead most players call "GG" before the tank jungler has 2 items. Don't know if this is just my opinion but in all honesty it's how I feel the game is evolving. {{champion:78}} {{champion:223}} {{champion:58}} {{champion:113}} {{champion:14}} {{champion:111}}
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