Riot Please Do Not Remove the Active on Face of the Mountain :/

Face of the Mountain has to be one of my favorite items in the whole game, and I find it's active shield to be a lot more fun to use than say Locket due to its single target nature. Replacing this with the active of Sightstone is not the right way to go. I have enjoyed carving out my niche in the support role, finding ways to be beneficial to my team without playing the vision game. Please don't take this away from me and all the other players who enjoy these actives now. If players are actively choosing to buy Face of the Mountain over its ward counterpart, then there is probably a reason why they are doing so (maybe it is because these players prefer to help teammates out during a team fight with that shield instead of running around dropping wards). Their decision should be respected. This change is just forcing players into something they are actively choosing not to partake in.

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