Unpopular Opinion on Comebacks

Personally, I find this to be the least frustrating season in a while since Warlord's Bloodlust has been nerfed. What people don't seem to understand about snowballing and comebacks is, **comebacks aren't fun and interesting if they happen every game**. They just aren't. Comebacks are supposed to be unexpected and rare. That's what makes them interesting. Playing around upper middle elo (Gold 3-1 in Seasons 4 and 5), it seemed like at least 75% of games involved a comeback. That's just frustrating, is it not? Yeah, pick/ban is an important part of the game, but so long as comebacks are the norm, pick/ban will be the end all, be all in more games than it should be. Maybe it's blasphemy, but I don't believe that you deserve to win just because you survived to 25 minutes and have Vayne and Malphite. Comebacks should be extremely hard to achieve and fairly inaccessible for the less skilled team. People seem to think that you can't come back at all now. Of course you can. You just have to play safe as opposed to dying over and over. If you died sixteen times in lane phase, forgive me if I don't think you deserve the win just because your ADC only died four times and managed to scrounge up enough farm for two items while your Nasus sat under inhibitor tower. People think snowballing is toxic, but how are some comps never being completely shut out any different? One of the worst changes in recent memory has to be the one where you didn't get full gold for kills in the first few minutes. It's gone now, thank God, but why did that ever exist? If the enemy team comes back because you don't know how to play late game, yeah, that's one thing. However, that just hasn't always been the case in the past two seasons. By the same standard, **if you find yourself losing every game this season, maybe you need to work on your early game**. **Just an edit here:** All I really said as far as power spikes go was "Yeah, pick/ban is an important part of the game". Yeah, that doesn't really explain anything. So, let me clarify: If you pick Nasus, a late game champion, and play for late game, you are acknowledging the fact that you must play safe early. If you then choose not to play safe early and die ten times in lane, you should lose. Playing safe and getting bullied but staying alive/minimizing deaths? That's fine. Getting trashed and winning anyway because you have a huge unavoidable power spike? That's not okay. Basically, if you pick a late game champion, you play safe early. If you die ten times in lane on a late game champion, you lost your late game gamble and that is that.
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