Jhin is the most unique and well designed champion ever made!

Not. 4 memes aside Jhin is highly overrated. He is an AD mage with an unusual AA method. That is it. As for his character he is a generic mix of a V, Phantom of the Opera and cereal killer(or I missed something). He is far from unique. Aside from 4 memes he really brings nothing special to the table other than a massively bloated kit. **"Jhin DOESN'T right click you to death like those ez mode marksmen!"** Just because he does it in 4 easy to use doses instead of having to orb walk doesn't mean his damage doesn't come from AAs. It does. In fact other than last hitting being hard his AAs allow for more freedom of movement and easier micro while still dealing relatively equal damage. **His kit is SOOOO unique!!!!"** Lets look at his kit. Q a bouncing damage... ohh... nobody ever had that before. W a trap that slows then deals damage... such unique. E a long range conditional root... shivering from how special he is. R, a four shot long range skillshot, so... Xerath with a slow. The only singular unique thing in his kit is his basic attacks are stronger but slower doses. That is it. His interactions between abilities aren't all that unique either. His E is conditional for balance reasons. His executes are executes. **"Jhin was a busted only by Lethality! Stop picking on him!!** Lethality didn't bust him, it reinforced that he does too much in his kit with too few tradeoffs. He is more bloated than many of the popular champions to complain about bloat on. Stop perpetuating this, he was a top tier pick with crit build, armor pen build and lethality. Even when Zac and a couple other tanks were all over the rift late S6. **"Most fair ADC?"** Why exactly? Because you said so? What makes Jhin so especially fair? He doesn't get dps instead he gets burst. You can dodge his abilities... like most other champions. His damage still comes from unavoidable right clicks. Jhin is fun, his AA gimmick is cool, character is fun to play. But stop letting him talk you into thinking he is super special. He is just an AD mage who deals AA right click damage slower but better. He isn't permanently well balanced nor is he the best design ever made in a videogame lol. Now whether this post will reach 44 downvotes or 44 upvotes iunno. Just tired of the cultlike worship of Jhins kit on the boards/reddit. *sigh* peace out. Off to actually play the game.
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