Nobody's going to talk about Shaco's winrate/current state?

Shaco went from 55% winrate to 49.85% winrate in the space of about 3-4 patches without the champion himself being touched, but do you know what did get touched on? The items and runes he uses and even the role he is mostly played. Tiamat nerfs, Dark harvest nerf/Rework, jungler nerfs and soon to come by the looks of it, fleet footwork nerfs. Hey, just goes to show how item reliant riot has made him, champ is struggling, do something about him pls. I've said this many times before but make his Q a 3 second duration at all ranks, but make it a 0 radius camouflage, this change takes off 1.5 seconds from his stealth late game and makes him visible to control wards adding counterplay to ganks or teamfights, then proceed to change his E back to magic damage and increase the ap ratio by 10% leave everything else alone. It's the best change riot could make to him
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