[Concept] Resolve Tree update

Runes that are not mentioned are unchanged. **Keystones** Aftershock No longer grants 70-120 armor and MR Now grants a shield for 35 (+5% max HP) for each enemy caught in your crowd control. Damage changed from 10-120 (+ 3% max HP) (+ 15% bonus AD) (+ 10% AP) to 60% shield value. Guardian No longer triggers automatically. Grants an active portion to your boots. Activating your boots gives Guardian's shield to yourself and an ally. If more than 50 damage is blocked by either shield, Guardian's CD is reduced by 20%. The shield power is reduced by 25% for ranged guardians. If the shield is only applied to one ally, the shield power is reduced by 50%. **Strength** Font of Life You can now reap the benefits of your own Font. Heal now triggers instantly on hit instead of over 2 seconds. Internal CD of 1 second. **Resistance** Bone Plating After being out of combat with champions and large/epic monsters for 15 seconds, generate a charge of bone plating (max 3). Upon taking at least 50 damage from a champion or large/epic monster, consume a charge of Bone Plating to reduce its post-mitigation value by 25-50. Iron Skin +3 armor Upon visiting the fountain or leveling up, receive a shield for 50 (+6% max HP) health, lasting until broken. This shield works as normal against physical damage, but 80% of magic damage taken will pass right through it. Mirror Shell +3 magic resistance Upon taking magic damage that would take you below 35% HP, receive a magic shield for 35-60 (+5% max HP) lasting 6 seconds. (Note: Nullifying Orb would be replaced with another mastery) Conditioning Removed **Vitality** Second Wind No longer grants HP regen based on missing HP upon taking damage. Upon being reduced below 50% HP, regenerate 10% your max HP over 4 seconds.
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