6.9 Jungle Worries- Warwick

Currently, on the PBE, there a TON of changes that benefit Warwick or neutral change. **Bloodrazor** Warwick is not quite as good at killing squishies (or is he?), but much better at tank busting. His ultimate now deals bonus physical damage equal to 15% of the enemy's max health. This stacks with Bork, so Warwick can deal serious % health damage to his target. **Guinsoo's** A hybrid on-hit item. This just screams Warwick. Not sure if it will be built, but it's only a potential benefit in my eyes and cannot hurt the wolf. **Red Buff Changes** Pretty big one here. Red buff's first tick now applies on-hit/scales with attack speed, meaning that it will also apply on every Warwick ultimate tick. Practically adds back the Booty Hunter Warwick from Preseason 5 with Challenging Smite (maybe not as bad, but it's like it's close relative). **Spirit Visage** Small, but Warwick is somewhat of a Drain Tank, so the increase in healing from Spirit Visage from 20% to 25% is a benefit as well. **Experience Jungle Buff** This means Warwick is reaching Level 6 quicker, meaning earlier ganks. This is a buff to most junglers, but especially junglers gated by ultimates.
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