PSA | Can all of you ADC mains and players in general get off your high horses?

Dear stereotypical ADC player, if you honestly believe that you are more relevant than the support, and so threat them like garbage, you need to reevaluate you position in the round. A good support can indirectly carry the entire team in a teamfight, a "good" ADC without his support cant! If you treat your support like trash and then blame them for doing something dumb thats karma, you deserve every single death you get. This applies to every single League player, no matter what lane. Dont act so high and mighty, and stop showing you ego, nobody wants that. And nobody, truly, HONESTLY cares. At the end of a game people say ez, like, why? You've won, theres nothing you get to gain other than someone from the team getting tilted, thats not right. You already won, if saying ez really gratifies you and boosts your ego even more, go on, i cant stop you. Even when youre winning in a game, stop boasting, and stop trying to tilt people, it is not right. **Treat others how you want them to treat you, thats the golden rule of morality** The mightier you act the stupider you really are, remember that to the grave. Threat everyone like they are you friends, no matter what. If you teammmate is doing a good job, compliment them, if your teammate is doing a bad job, tell them how to do better, dont flame them. P.S. Yes i was like that too, but i saw my mistakes and changed, im not a hypocrite anymore {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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