League of Knockups (New Nunu)

The Nunu rework is cute and all, and it seems to be a pretty good rework thematically for them. I have a problem with it though It's another champ with a knockup. What's the point of tenacity anymore when every CC is a knockup? The ability shouldn't even knock up thematically. Imagine a giant snowball is rolling towards you. When it hits you what is going to happen? A. You get knocked down B. You get knocked down and stunned by the impact C. You get knocked backwards by the impact. D. You magically get thrown _upwards_ by a snowball rolling _over_ you Seriously though why is this even a thing? Why does every kit now need to have a knockup in it? This ability would be a cool application of the Knockdown ability like Poppy has, so that if for example a Tristana tries to jump away from you but jumps into the snowball it would knock her down. Why a knockup?
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