i am on a 13 games losing streak

i dont know what to do anymore, i just cannot seem to win. even if it looks like a good game. my jungler rage quit after dying ones. my bot lane is afk for 5 minutes and it dosent let me remake (from 0:00 until 5 and didnt let us remake at the 3 minutes mark) every game i get Ace on op gg ( i know it dosent mean a lot or at all but its still something.) i try to help my team. pinging or even coming. all i get is flame when i can't come because there is a pink word and they see me and run away. if i ping because i have 0 mana and can't come to help they flame. i mute so they just start trolling me. what should i do? i dont know anymore (gold 2 demoted to gold 3 now but my mmr is still pretty good i get 24 per win and loss 15 per loss)
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