@RiotRepertoir - Could we please get some thoughts about the state of Malzahar

**Intro ** I think Malzahar {{champion:90}} is in a very poor state after his nerfs, despite him sitting around 50% win rate in solo Q. His base damages and his scaling ratios have been nerfed serveral times in a row and he now feels like a mid lane support, not a carry. His win rate is solid purely due to his Ultimate and people not being able to play around it and itemize for it. **Current state** I've been a Malzahar main since season 2, when I started playing this game. I have a 70% win rate this season on the guy (http://eune.op.gg/summoner/userName=jovius) over some 60 games and I can still have success on him after the hard nerfs. Malzahar was, up until 8.2, part of the Trinity of champions with Azir and Ryze, however he was the only one receiving such substantial nerfs, while Ryze and Azir continue to be staples. The way you carry game as a Malzahar now is not through his damage, which is on the lower side of the spectrum in average damage done (as per Champion.gg http://champion.gg/champion/Malzahar/Middle?), which is of course partly biased towards poke champions, but is still ridiculously low, considering Malzahar is supposed to be one of the prototypical sustained damage champions. Instead he now serves as a Flash+R bot for your team, which is further encouraged by all CDR available for his flash. This is further evidenced by the fact that in Platinum+ elos, he has on average more deaths than kills, with the average number of kills being 4. These are Karma support numbers. I hate playing him like this, because it is not the style I'm looking for from a mid laner. My other champion for mid is Orianna and I just enjoy her so much more lately, despite her being significantly less reliant, having greater room for error (a missed Shockwave can be a difference between a win and a loss). **Suggestions for improvement ** Could we somehow lower the champs reliability in favor of gameplay? I hate being an ult bot for my team or for my voidlings for that matter, because not only is Malz's damage low, but even this damage doesn't come from the champion, it comes from his voidlings. Please, change him. Remove the voidlings. Give him his old W back. Make it so his ult only slows, unless the target is affected by E or standing in his (old) W. Redistribute the damage from his voidlings into the champion himself. Reduce his reliability, improve his damage, make him a carry again. Voidlings aren't iconic. The champion fantasy will not be dramatically altered without them. When you say Malzahar, people think about his Ult, his Space aids (E) or his CC. Voidlings are just...there. But without them, the Champion doesn't deal damage. Ad absurdum, the champion should be renamed to "Voidlings" and his current W should summon the Malzahar to ult the target the Voidlings attack. **TLDR** After the nerfs, Malzahar no longer deals sufficient damage, his scaling his poor and his success is entirely dependent on his Flash+R combo with jungle assistance. In late game, he is there just to Flash+R the priority target, often sacrificing himself for the ADC. His damage is low, because he is too reliable. Decrease his reliability, increase skill expression and give him room to be a carry through his damage.
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