No but seriously, I love akali... don't un-rework her

Akali is life Haven't had so much fun on a new champ in 2 years, and I love fighting against akali on my main The cadence of her combat style, how to fight people, trying to figure out how to not get anally raped by vlad who supposedly I counter but my peasant brain can't do it. Doing super flashy quadrouple dashes with a protobelt and flash to dance around the battlefield holy shit riot don't do it. Against enemy akalis, even the ones who seem decent at the champion, I do decently. It seems more of a match of wit than against other assassins. I think that's why people tilt. Because they just fear a 1shot monster but really she's just a juke machine with moderate damage and goodish sustain. You don't need all that much counter itemization to deal with her, assuming you both rush your core first item you can merc treads against her pen boots, and even hexdrinker/QSS/banshees/abyssal mask against her morellonomicon. Like boots and an item slot for counter building. She can be flushed out with AOE so items like bamis, GLP, ravenous, icebornor protobelt all seem to offer good functionality against her even if you'd only do them situationally otherwise (Iceborn against ad comps for example). you have to predict where she's gonna pop out to attack her quick enough or land a skill shot. AND IT'S REALLY REWARDING TO DO IT. I haven't seen a champion with so much counterplay in forever, she's not even a stat check unless you just defiantly refuse to counterbuild leading to her snowballing off you and whichever other teammates pop their heads out after you die the third time. I don't think for purposes of low elo that she's all that over powered, actually I think she's more or less a perfect fit for how I want assassins to be. Replace durability with obfuscation and mobility. replacing OP 1shots with literal though process fights against ninjas in a could of smoke. yeah i can see how when someone lets an akali get out of hand how she can be an issue, but that's the truth of most champions. You can't honestly tell me that akali is any harder to deal with when fed than any mage, tank, assassin, adc, or fighter. anyways im gonna clutch my prestige skin until i'm fully mastered on this girl, having only a few matches as her on the rift, with most of my learning curb being in nexus blitz... besides the orange chroma for headhunter is way better than any of her other skins imho i feel bad for this champion, I think she's nothing more than a scapegoat due to damage creep and poor mage itemization. i said poor, not weak. Mages lack resists and rely too much on pen as a whole causing a lack of proper choice against her. Assassins and fighters can handle a good akali. Hell even a good adc can do it, they just need to pay attention. And we don't need to talk about the horror that is soraka, the demon of bot lane who can 1v9 with nothing but a lichbane and dark harvest the last paragraph was a joke, Mages could use some love to handle assassin burst, but I don't think the issue is the assassins rather the AP item pool. anyways here's to riot, may your next batch of akali nerfs make my new off main balanced and viable enough for me to master her. I'll play her crit if I have to. anyways this post is jumbled, ranty, and poorly executed and I own that. But i hope you can see the merits in my point of view. Maybe we can talk about how mage itemization could be tuned to handle assassins without just having an ap version of {{item:3053}}
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