I'm having fun playing league right now

Idk, the boards is still going on about how the state of the game is garbage, how it isn't fun. For me, the game is back to being as fun as in season 2. I used to complain about how damage was high, teamfights lasted for 5 seconds, target selecting is not needed anymore, how kiting was not needed anymore because you oneshot everyone, I used to complain about how laning phase ended after 5 minutes, how comebacks were impossible. https://youtu.be/b_s5V2iebPE?t=554 As you can see in this moment, the teamfight lasted FOR AN ETERNITY without anyone dying. https://clips.twitch.tv/FantasticPlainReindeerNinjaGrumpy same here When it comes to talking about things like that, it depends experience which itself depends on many things (like elo for example, or which role you main) For my own experience? Games last forr 30 min in average, unless the team really mentally ff'ed, I really really had all my games hard to lose/hard to win, because of the new comeback system one mistake ends up offering a lot of come back potential which means that you can KEEP playing for a reason. "but ff'ing is faster so you can go for a next game" That a personal opinion, my opinion is that I play league in order to play league, I don't care about finishing a game faster to start a new one **as long as the game gives me a reason to keep playing**. There were no reasons to keep playing before, I legit don't remember a single comeback done by my team in season 8, in THE ENTIRE SEASON. https://i.gyazo.com/217ffdd1996b020d970fefcfbf7b10a1.png here is an example of a hard game https://matchhistory.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/EUW1/3996546201/23030943?tab=overview Games like that where you couldn't know who was going to win, or who was going to lose DID NOT EXIST last season. It really never did for me because you could know at min 5 who was going to win, if you heard that botlane got killed by a jungle gank then they took first tower at min 6 or min 8, then went toplane and snowballed. Which makes me transitioning to the second part, laning phase TAKES SKILL ONCE AGAIN. You just don't end it so fast, you need to make good resets, if you reseted on a bad timing you lose xp and gold AND PLATINGS, this sets a clear difference between a bad player and a good player. Now we will talk about damage, is damage high? let's make it clear damage was ALWAYS high in late game. You always died by 5 autoattacks of a carry in late game, you always died by 3 karthus Q in late game. What made season 8 cancer, is that you could die in 2 seconds at lvl 3 due to runes and riot's trash decisions. Alistar with Q+W+E+aftershock+ignite could kill you alone at lvl 3 if you had under 500 hp. But now, they nerfed all runes damage (electrocute, aery, sudden impact and many others) so you don't just die within 1 single all in. They nerfed adaptive damage runes, and buffed mr/armor runes Since then, I don't remember dying by a single all in at all in any lane. What's more is that botlane diversity was a success, after countless patches and fixes, adcs are viable while proplay is seeing Sona/Taric botlane, Taliya/Pantheon botlane. I legit know people who are climbing by using that strat https://i.gyazo.com/5f8babe5c4b893ebdeef880ba62cf5f7.png Viper also plays occasionally cass/Jayce botlane Teddy played Vladimir botlane in LCK. If Riot could improve one thing, it's that melees are unviable botlane with the exception of Yasuo. The vast majority of them depend on lvls unlike Yasuo (Fiora, Darius, Gangplank) , and have inbuilt design issues that make them terrible in high elo (Tryndamere, Yi unless they cheese). So is League fun? Yes it is in my opinion, and I'm not one to be sold easily if you know me well. Riot just fixed all the problems I had with the game except jungles deciding my lane. They're even fixing champions that should not have been released like that (Rakan, Tahm kench, Aatrox), I want them to LEARN from 2017 and 2018 to not release low counterplay champions anymore. It took 2 years for them to realize that Rakan flash R+W no counterplay was a problem, they still didn't understand that Ornn is not good either because of trash gimicks that are abused by competent players. Ornn rework should have made him better in soloq and less powerful in pro. It didn't achieve anything, he's even getting a nerf in next patch (IBG upgrade nerfed) because of proplay, while he's forgotten in soloq. Galio belongs in that list too, his W offers too little playing around to high elo players and he's STILL abused in proplay except in the support role. This post ends here, I wanted to post it because I'm addicted to league right now while I left the game 3 months ago because of how trash it was. I never thought that Riot could give me fun again but league is fun right now, and I hope that Riot keeps doing what they're doing.
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