Imo the biggest reason Supp is least desirable role is the ppl who play the other 4 roles bitching.

And being generally toxic with their demanding entitled attitudes towards Supps who don't go hyper meta. Simply put people rag on Supports for being creative/going off meta way more than the other roles and it's really bs because it's those people who have created the monster known as autofill. So maybe try checking yourself if you're a carry, just be thankful you have a Support who will actually try and be motivated rather than just pick a default supp like {{champion:40}} or {{champion:412}} and just float/feed while waiting to forget they ever had to support, win or lose. TL;DR: many meta supports you encounter are actually autofilled and bad at the role and suck worse than someone who pretty much lives to be creative/off meta and is not only experienced but motivated to win. Spend more time trying to make it work instead of being a counter-productive toxic d-bag, and autofill might not happen as much thanks to happy supports queuing more.

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