As a Pyke player: please do not buff him

PBE: Death from Below (R) execute damage changed from [200-605] to [250-605] I spent these last weeks practising him a lot, finding items that synergize best with his kit, getting down his surprisingly big variety of combos and came to this conclusion: he is too strong in the right hands. It is absolutely easy not to die if you know what you are doing due to his E and W being such ridiculously reliable escaping tools that synergize with each other on relatively low cooldowns. Why even buff his outplay button in the first place? His damage (+ damage in the game in general) and snowball potential is very high already. He is currently sitting at a 50%+ winrate and a 30% banrate in plat+. We will not even be able to play him at all if these buffs go through. We get it, you want flashy, edgy champions at Worlds, but this balancing approach of actively overbuffing popular champions is absolutely toxic for the already questionable game state.
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