It's sad that SKT lost because of champ picks

Honestly could call what team was going to win before the game started and was right. I have to say I have A LOT of respect for SKT who weren't abusing tier S champs with 54% winrate like Samsung was. Cough janna and malzhar. (Xayah is not but her damage is broken to me too). SKT was just trying to play champs that they enjoy like Gragas and that's why they lost the game. It's really sad its come to this. In order to win you have to play those tier s high winrate champs. I think it just proves that this is the worst balanced season yet. And oh I think it's sick a cho can pretty much one shot an adc with a lock on. Also, don't cry Faker :/ you lost because the game is unbalanced and they picked better champs. I still love you.
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