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https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/gameplay-balance/tudnEmGv-there-was-a-red-post-a-while-back Said person made a point that goes like this: > I believe that currently, Riot's designers: * Often stonewall community feedback, leading to considerable frustration when nothing happens despite loud, continued, unanimous community feedback asking for a change. This particular point I would like to focus on, because while Riot have improved in that aspect since then, there are times when I feel like they haven't. Take LeBlanc for example, after the assassin update. LeBlanc's was a rework that apparently failed and the community, whether that is the champion's playerbase or not, pointed out the problems with the rework and they were made clear and apparent to Riot. Thus, they announced that they are looking into her once again. So why is this not the case with Rengar? I understand that Rengar needed a Rework both Rengarmains and the community have been crying for a change since day one! We do not ask for a full revert, only that Riot addresses the issues that have arisen with the rework. The way Riot has handled the whole thing just outright disturbs me because this is not what I thought this company was all about! Listening to the playerbase has ALWAYS been their strong point, but when it comes to Rengar, all they have been doing is ignoring the community's cries and contradicting themselves! * Rengar will remain an assassin after the update. Rengar is now a Diver according to RIot themselves and instead Noc and Diana are categorized as assassins. * Q: Nice meme! They actually said that on the Rengar mains subreddit after countless times we told them how we prefer the old Q. Sure Rengar is in a "stable-ish" spot at the moment according to Riot Stattik, but that is only because he has been completely gutted to the ground. Is this how Riot want to address the community? Is this really how they handle the problem? Don't misunderstand, the point of this post is not Rengar himself and how he should be changed but rather Riot's approach of the matter and overal handling of the situation. Don't throw us under the bus Riot. It is not right to simply forsake a part of the community. Please reconsider. Regards, hitted

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