The lack of Consistency from Riot makes LoL so hard to continue loving+playing. (TL;DR at end)

There's no clear direction in Riot's design, and hasn't been (IMO) for some time. You had this beautifully balanced game, spanning typically 30-45 minute matches, with a slow build-up and **satisfying** power curves. You *really* **felt** your Champion become stronger as the game would drag on, none of this "ouch that kinda hurts" to "welp. das a two-shot" so quickly.Turrets were worth a $1.50 as opposed to the current $0.10, and the Jungle had more depth (smite buffs may not have been perfect, but imo it made Jungling deeper and more satisfying). Seemingly near-everyone was viable, and Keystones **(These alleged power-fantasy fulfillers, because clearly *a champion's kit and personality could never give us such a feeling!***) didn't exist. **But then we ran in the opposite direction, hoping to appeal more to the internet-cafe players**. Correct me if I'm wrong, but this happened around the time TenCent got their hands in Riot. After a few seasons of a fiesta and a questionable attempt to "balance", we've started to see the results of tearing apart the substance setting atop a smooth foundation that was rough for many years - but was eventually rounded out quite nicely. Enter GhostCrawler; whom I am not implying is fully to blame for any of what LoL is today - but rather, he was a voice for Riot to us players. Spoke of **change** within League rather frequently, and how these *changes* were viewed from the design team. **But Change is how we got here.** Ironically, the one (rather easy to recall) time Riot has avoided delivering on their philosophy (at the time) that relatively frequent change was good, it was during a time in which we arguably had a Balance Nightmare; the Ardent Censer meta. It stuck around for *MONTHS*. Some argue that it wasn't "the meta" during those months, that it took weeks upon weeks to discover, but I assure you {even in Silver-Gold} I hopped on the Censer train long before Worlds; amping up my Marksman Carry for freelo. **But fast-forward to being months into Season 8**. Half of the year is up, and we've officially received an apology for the massive mid-season scale changes to the game every other patch. LoL has incoming changes to attempt to *finally* restore some length to Laning Phase. Turrets are going to be worth less to reduce snowball; **still gonna be paper towels**, but they'll be worth less(hah). Gold distribution is being tweaked to reduce snowball/slowdown games. And finally, back to the point of this whole post - - *~~TL;DR~~*: We're not consistently settling on **One Design Philosophy** and that needs. to. stop. The fluctuation in how League flows and overall *feels* in terms of risk VS reward is not fun to experience. Players want a relatively steady game - with some changes here and there - but until a solid and steady approach can be decided on, players cannot fall in love and stay in love with this game.
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