The Truth about DIana Rework, The Hugest Nerf that i've seen.

This rework fix 2 bugs, one at lunar rush reset system and another about hunter's talisman and her passive hit, it has a small AS Buff 30% on her passive). But overall this remake made a huge nerf, 50% passive ap damage, 25% w ap damage, nerf on shield portection (make the make the calculations ap+life itens you will get 1700 life, rod of ages 500, rylai 300, morelo 300, protobelt 300, liandry 300) 10%= 170 shield protection, but with 1k ap at 15% ap scaling nerf was 150 shield... for a lot more damage... 35% lunar rush ap damage. All this for a bit of damage on E(ult) that has a low base damage, low scaling, high cooldown, low radius... This season i has about 400 games with diana and this rework is a HUGE nerf. In addition to the old ultimate you would always have the skill because of the reset, so you would always have potential damage, now you always have the potential to deal 0 damage, because this last new delay comes back, and the champion in general is not doing it no damage. I played against a team that had an Ivern sup, I was 4 lvl higher, with rabaddon, void, jg ap item, and lich bane, and I took 70% of his life in full combo with the pass and last attack. .. It was an Ivern sup with 2 support items, 4 lvl below... Diana now has 0 damage potential... Another thing I noticed about the insane desire to nerp the champion, noticed that is entering a theme of lunari, and has no skin for diana ?? Riot did this remake just to kill the champion this is the truth ... they always wanted to nerf her, and now completely destroy her. The best rework possible was, change passive AS from E to passive, and mana restoration from passive to E increased for numbers of champions you caught on E... But Riot is complety lost in balanceament.. Complety lost in reworks, items, etc etc... They are creating many new champions and are not taking proper care of the ones that already exist.
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