I love how Meta and balance changes is forcing us to forgot about undercover over powered champions

We going to buff {{champion:53}} and {{champion:22}} and make him toxic pick slowly so you forgot about {{champion:145}} {{champion:412}} {{champion:555}} and {{champion:222}} on bot side. While on the main time let's buff up {{champion:74}} {{champion:114}} {{champion:92}} so people slowly forgot that {{champion:8}} is still big problem that can sustain in lane, bully you and scale super hard while {{champion:10}} just right click you to death and isn't much better {{champion:67}} . And as we buff {{champion:104}} don't forget that {{champion:30}} still require no brain or skill, just farm and press R die and repeat while {{champion:36}} just being a toxic jungler. And on mid side, wait mid is always toxic {{champion:157}} {{champion:238}} {{champion:84}} {{champion:103}}
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