C'Mon Riot

So recently, I got temporarily banned because I AFK'd. I AFK'd because my jungler would not stop flaming and in my previous games, the players would just not shut the hell up. They were not encouraging, they were not optimistic, and they were not trolling either. I can tell when someone is playing, but each and every one of these players were dead serious, dead set on 5x reporting me and trying to get the enemy team to report me. So I said, "F it" and AFK'd. I was not feeding and my strat was working. I did not say anything to anyone for awhile and I was being optimistic and all that crap and still my teammates felt entitled and determined to attack me even though we were winning. I get back on and get a leaverbuster saying that the fact that I left the game or AFK'd causes negativity within my team. I do not even AFK on a regular basis nor do I say in the back of my mind when I Q up, "hmmmm. If this happens I will AFK." "Being AFK results in a negative experience for your teammates." So I just be the one salty even though that will be a more negative experience for my teammates as well as my life as an individual. Since when has one player leaving a match completely devastated a team or made a team toxic? Never. They were already toxic even before an AFK. Since when has a player AFKing been more impactful than a player feeding? Never. A player AFKing is neither better nor worse than a player feeding. Since when has AFKing been been worse than someone constantly flaming? Never. A player who removes himself from the game is neither better nor worse than someone who brings everyone else down with them. Since when has the performance of another person made another person mad? The answer is never. Nothing or nobody can make another person mad. They make themselves mad at their inability to remain calm and not bothered. Was I mad, absolutely, but that does not mean I have a right, authority, or obligation to degrade or demean other players, even the ones who do it to me. This player would not shut the F up so I said I would AFK and I am a man of my word so I AFK'd. Sure, I could mute them, but that is not the point. Them flaming me was not the problem here. I am not making this post to demand action against players who won't just shut the F up and play. I am demanding for equity and equality in this company's penal system. If you wanna ban me for AFK, then you need to ban the players who go 2/15 with as much tenacity. If you wanna ban someone for AFKing, then you need to ban the players who constantly flame with as much attention. If you wanna ban AFKers, then you need to ban players who don't interact with their teammates at all and just AFK farm all game with as much effort. "Well it's easier to ban someone for AFK than anything else because it provides harder, clearer evidence." Then don't ban people until you can get hard evidence on all cases. Treat AFK the same way you treat feeders and flamers. DO NOTHING. "Well if you do nothing, then everyone will leave all the time." That is not true and even if it were, then both sides would have an equal opportunity for leavers. Even if players don't leave, why is it acceptable to hold players hostage in a game they do not want to play and then keep them off your game because they left a game that was neither beneficial to them or their teammates? All these geniuses and all these excuses. Everyone's so smart but yet they have yet to develop a system that curves according to AFKers. Giving players less LP for wins and losses for those who are stuck with AFKers and more LP loss for people who AFK. How humane is it to torture players with being forced to stay in a game they can't leave because if they leave they won't be able to play? It would be one thing if surrenders only took two or three people at 15 mins. I should be able to play the way I want to play how I want to play it. I should not be threatened with reports or constantly flamed by MY OWN TEAMMATES just because I play differently or because my strategies aren't on the champion.gg, mobafire, or YouTube or simply because it isn't what you would see on a regular basis. So because 4 players that don't know me, don't know anything about how I play, nor care to at least give it try, say my play style needs to be something else, I should change it? So because they're being negative, I should have to be negative to conform to this F'd up meta? We might as well all only the names: Top, Jungle, Mid, Bottom, and Support and have every role only be able to pick their corresponding champs and only be able to buy items that correspond to the champs. Either go all the way with how you penalize or don't penalize. You claim to care about the game and its player base and yet every time you turn around, you do something that the majority of the player base doesn't want. TL;DR
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