2018 Champion Roadmap is a Joke & So is Development Team

So in 2018 not only did we get a Swain VGU that wasn't deserved, we are getting Irelia, another Aatrox rework, and after that an Akali VGU. What happened to the champions that actually need the work as opposed to the ones you WANT to work on? Let's be real here and I am not going to go into full detail mode as to why these champions need a VGU. Quite frankly everyone has been saying it for years and this Development team doesn't seem to care about the reasons. They just do whatever they want in the end so stop wasting your time {{champion:82}} - Has the most bugs in the game and his identity was butchered during the Juggernaut update. The longer time veteran players don't like him and don't enjoy playing him anymore. Morde is a champion that doesn't hit on anything in the five pillars of good champion design, in Riot Game Developers standards. Why was Swain, Irelia and Akali put before Morde? {{champion:20}} - What I really cannot understand is why Nunu wasn't put before Akali, Irelia or Swain. He has not aged well and doesn't hit on any part of the five pillars of good champion design. {{champion:9}} - Another champion that should have been put before what is being worked on now. {{champion:80}} - Another champion that should have been put before what is being worked on now. {{champion:43}} - And I am , yet again, throwing Karma into the ring because this Development team said she needs but won't actually do it. In terms of who deserves it over Karma, the above champions do; however, Swain, Irelia and Akali didn't deserve a VGU before Karma. Karma mains have been asking for the past 5 years for this Development team to revert changes actually work on her. For a champion that was used as a test subject for future VGU, failed miserably on, and is largely ignored as one of Riot Games most hated champions . . . . she fails on every aspect of the Developers pillars of good champion design. She has no theme anymore, her kit is a mess and only relevant when her shields are over-buffed and shield enchaining items are meta, still doesn't have a running and shield casting animation, is largely ignored by writers and the art department. ---------- Let's be frank though. What do almost all of the above champions have in common? They are ignored year after year for a well deserved VGU or mini VGU that corrects problems the Development team made. Instead of actually being worked on, they receive half arsed reworks that either buff them to the point that they are overpowered or doesn't address the real problems for their character. You want examples? Morde juggernaut update, Fiddles mage update, recent Nunu update, the several number buffs and OP Karma mantra shield update, and much more. Why is this Development team ignoring the problems in this game and not owning up to mistakes and fixing them, but working on things for the sake of wanting to? They don't care. Stop creating threads about your favorite champions and giving them ideas. For the past 5 years a lot of us have been doing that for the champions above, but they work on Swain, Irelia, Aatrox more than once, and Akali. This Development team DOESN'T CARE. Stop supporting them and just live with the fact that they do what they want and always have an excuse for working on something that doens't need to be worked on over a clear problem. Useless Development team.
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