Can you please bring back Solo Q!?

I've had it with Dynamic Q in ranked, it's the shittiest experience I'd had since I started playing in season 2. I don't care about OP champs, bugs in the game, toxicity in game, new game modes, new champs,** just bring back Solo Q**. Keep dynamic Q along side, I don't care. The one thing that got me hooked to this game, ranked, is currently a joke. I started in bronze season 2 and worked my way to plat for the first time last season. I'm currently gold 1 struggling to make it to plat this season. Now before you start saying "you suck, stop blaming dynamic q, you don't deserve plat". I also have an account in LAN and made plat fairly quickly. Since there are less players in that region I would agree that the region is easier, but also since there are less players, you rarely see 3+ man premades. The highest I made it last season was plat 3, so by no means am I saying I'm a high plat/diamond player. I'm at or almost at my peek, so it's double infuriating when you see stuff described below: Shitty Game 1 Premades: {{champion:79}} {{champion:202}} {{champion:69}} Gragas camped his friends 24/7, didn't even think about going top. Even after Jinh started feeding he kept going bot. I got 3 man ganked top, Gragas didn't even care. He could have tried to snowball me top, knowing how a Tryn can split push. I guarantee you if my jungler was solo, he would have thought twice before going back bot to a fed Draven. Tell me Riot how is that teamwork? Did you mean team work among premades and screw the solo players? Shitty Game 2 Premades: {{champion:55}} {{champion:412}} {{champion:22}} All 3 premades had a horrible early game. During end game they started pinging like crazy to each other, I ignored them, but the Gragas on my team told them "to stop, grow up", which Katarina replied "We're having a debate", trying to be funny. They as a group obviously didn't care to win at that point, so instead of having one player that gives up, it becomes contagious among the premades and becomes 3 players who give up/don't care. I don't really blame them though, Dyanamic Q is now just another Normal Q. Riot allowing dynamic in ranked has made it a circus. Also, notice thresh's rank (silver 1) compared to the opposite team. Very fair riot, no wonder he struggled, and shitty match making overall. They don't know where to aim in the match making system, right now it's all over the place. There's of course other issues with dynamic Q, but these were recent examples. Now to summarize, you might be saying that every solo player is dealing with the same dynamic Q as everyone else, so what's the problem. Well not really, I for one pray to the league gods pregame for all solo players in my team at the least. So yea there's luck involved. The wrongness of dynamic Q in ranked has to do with the poor experience of the solo player and the integrity of ranked. Me making gold as a solo player means nothing when rank boosting is so much easier now.
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