Riot do you know what is the difference between HOTS and LoL? Here is a SMALL list I made.

These are just notes on top of my mind. There are probably way more things but this is it for now. :D Hope after reading this you will give HOTS a chance, since Blizzard has been really putting effort into making a good game unlike Riot. -I get way more free stuff, and i dont feel cheated when i get shit becasue i can always reroll, not to mention drop rates are fair. -They actualy care for peoples opinions. -I have way more freedom on what and how i can play a game. +way more maps and gamemodes that are actualy fun. -I am not penalized for doing good. -Every hero/champion is playable and there are no really OP and really UP characters. +There are no heroes that are unpopular and overpopular, so every game is different. -They release several times more cosmetic items per month then you. -Playerbase is nowhere near as toxic as yours, not to mention people actualy want to have constructive conversations. -Afks are nowhere near as impactful on your game. -Their heroes are nowhere near as basic as yours. Hell i have been posting on amino and reddit for years an idea about dual hero and parasite hero, and they just happen to have Cho-Gall and Abathur a dream come true.(seriously you need to try Hots at least because of those 2, and maybe Murky) -Lore is waaaay better( that is if you have played Blizzard games), and characters feel real. -Every game feels different and good, not frustrating. Meta is always evolving and everything and anything can work. -There are actual chances of comeback, and it is almost purely skill based game, if a noob does get lucky and kills somebody who is good he wont get an advantage next time, thus helping him snowball with minimum skill and effort. As somebody that has been playing LoL for 5+ years I just love finaly finding a fair and good game that fullfills my expectations and is waay better then LoL, even though its playerbase is smaller and I am basicly low tier player there. Overall i am happy I stopped playing LoL this much and focused on a new game. GL HF summoners hope I see you on the Nexus, not the rift...
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